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A Length (shipping)5930
a Max. Cutting Height5690

b Max. Dumping Height3930

c Max. Digging Depth3815

d Max. Horizontal Reach6090

e Min. Swing Radius2555

f Max. Height at Min. Swing Radius4495


A Length (shipping)5930

B Width (shipping/operation)2000

C Height (shipping)2600

D Upper Width1860

E Dozer Blade Height340

F Std. Track Width400

G Track Guage1600

H Min. Ground Clearance330

I Tail Swing Radius1640

J Length of Track on Ground2045

K Track Length2545



  • GSB Mode Selection
  • Start motor 24V
  • Alternator 30A
  • Air pre-filter
  • Dry triple filtering air cleaner
  • Cylindrical engine oil filter
  • Cylindrical fuel filter
  • Fuel pre-filter
  • Radiator with protective screen
  • Auxiliary water tank for radiator
  • Fan cowl
  • Separately installed engine
  • Oil-water separator

Hydraulic System

  • Control valve with main relief valve
  • Spare oil port for control valve
  • Oil suction filter
  • Oil return filter
  • Pilot filter

Front Work Equipment

  • Flange pin
  • Bucket clearance adjustment
  • Welded lever
  • Central lubrication system
  • Dust ring-seal of bucket pin
  • A variety of buckets for options


  • Travel motor guard
  • H-track guiding mechanism
  • Hydraulic track tensioner
  • Bolted sprocket
  • Carrier roller and track roller
  • Reinforced track link with pin seal
  • 400mm track shoes
  • Bottom coverplate

Swing Platform

  • Fuel level float
  • Hydraulic oil level gauge
  • Toolbox
  • Swing brake
  • Grease barrel holder
  • Counterweight


  • Standard battery
  • Lock up engine hood
  • Anti-slip film, handhold and passage
  • Travel direction mark
  • Hand grease gun


  • Engine oil pressure leak
  • Fuel oil leak
  • Overheating of engine coolant
  • Air filter blocking
  • Engine over speed
  • Voltage lower than specification
  • Voltage higher than specification

Air Conditioner System

  • Cold and warm air conditioner (Importing top grade)
  • Control panel

Indicator Light

  • Auto idle
  • Temperature of engine coolant
  • High/low travel speed
  • Fault alarm
  • Voltage lower/higher than specification
  • Software download and communication

Operator Station

  • Noise proof steel-structured cab
  • Toughened light colour window
  • 4 silicone rubber damping support
  • Openable roof hatch, upper front window and left window
  • Rear window, alternate exit
  • Silent windshield wiper with washer
  • Adjustable inclined seat with adjustable armrest
  • AM-FM radio with digital clock
  • Foot rest and floor mat
  • Loudspeaker, rear view mirror
  • Seat belt and fire extinguisher
  • Cup holder and cab light
  • Ashtray
  • Storage box, literature bag
  • Hydraulic lockout control
  • Fully automatic air-conditioner

Monitoring System

  • Auto-idle
  • Large colour LED monitor
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Engine warm up
  • Engine coolant temperature


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